☺️Did you know that how your skin looks on the outside

☺️Did you know that how your skin looks on the outside, is also a direct reflection of what’s happening inside? Tips for glowing skin: – water, water, and more water to help flush toxins that dull your skin – exfoliate a couple times a week to help let those healthier skin cells shine – eat a balanced diet full of free radical fighters, and antioxidants like fruits and veggies – eat the rainbow, you’ll shine like one

Updated: October 27, 2017 — 12:24 am


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  1. All true! I also use Organic canned pumpkin with a papaya blended with raw honey Greek yogurt and a dash of organic cinnamon for an enzyme peel facial. Omg. It’s a quick fix and makes your skin glow

    1. Chris Alessandrini Carrington

      Oooohhhh I need to try this! Recipe please ?

  2. Jennifer O'Neill-Whetstone

    Started this week and am impressed so far. Yay!

    1. Chris Alessandrini Carrington

      Oh yay! So happy it’s helpful!❤️❤️ it only gets better

  3. It’s AHmazing! Just a great dead skin removal and overall brightener/tightener. You can also eat it

  4. Chris Alessandrini Carrington

    Jodie James lol love that !

  5. Jennifer Hall Cande

    You have gorgeous skin!!

    1. Chris Alessandrini Carrington

      Thank you Jennifer Hall Cande❤️

  6. ❤️ your posts!

    1. Chris Alessandrini Carrington

      Oh thank you friend! So happy u find value!❤️

  7. Yes water is everything

    1. Chris Alessandrini Carrington


  8. I want to try this mask! That sounds fun to make too!

  9. Luv Your Temple …luv you the tips!

    1. Chris Alessandrini Carrington

      Thank you Leann Mims Craft!❤️ yes… your body is a temple!

  10. You are gorgeous

    1. Chris Alessandrini Carrington

      YOU are!❤️❤️

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