It’s easy to share current transformation pics however it’s not always fun to share the ones where we don’t feel so great in our skins. I’m a mama to 2 girls and married to my best friend who never would’ve told me I didn’t look so hot . Yet deep down I knew I could […]


Mommas! Maree’s story is what our nutrition can do for YOU! “Wow! The last 9 months have been a journey to say the least. A new baby, an adjusting 8 year old, hormones, finding balance, new adventures, and finding the strength and belief in myself again! I have released 47 lbs, countless inches, and I […]

Our bodies are in mostly a constant state of acidity and constant withdrawals of our mineral health bank based on our diets, environmental toxicities, minimal sleep, lack of exercise, and daily stress. Have you ever heard of an alkaline diet? I actually go over this in my Energize Your Soul Workshop and provide my participants […]


Woohoo!!! Give it up for Lex De Los Reyes !!! In the beginning of the month he committed himself for 30 days and already his wife could tell he’s doing Great. He’s already released 2 pounds but gained 1% muscle which means he’s toning up and shedding those inches. This should help him in his […]

Every morning I listen to positive messages from Darren Hardy thanks to his Darren daily text message subscription

Every morning I listen to positive messages from Darren Hardy thanks to his Darren daily text message subscription. This morning’s message is incredibly powerful! Have you analyzed the people you hang out with regularly? They they consciously and subconsciously impact and influence your daily decisions which will have long-term effects on every aspect of your […]


I’m trying to turn over a new leaf and start buying Christmas presents in October this year instead of December. I have already started buying birthday gifts from a neighborhood friend that owns her own Scentsy business. I’m obsessed (I’m also late to the game…why didn’t someone tell me about this sooner?!). I would love […]

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