Fundraising success

Fundraising success !!!!
Thank you to Good Morning America for featuring this. Great work. Although our campaign is about passing legislation that could save millions of lives earning $2037. This gentleman raised $35,500 for potato salad and landed him on network TV. It’s unknown how many more contributed after the GMA episode. But it’s believed it reached $289,000 before it was removed. Ps. There was no potato salad
If you’d like to make a real difference. You can join the 51 others that have contributed more than just financially. They’ve given me there support and belief that together. We can accomplish anything. Please visit us
Or visit our fundraising Crystalsforlife page. Or show your true colors by purchasing our hand made tie dyes at
Or consider just sharing a post. Connecting us with media or anything that will help us reach more. Save more.
It’s time to unite in a divisive time in our history. If we can’t do it to save lives. Can we ever do it at all ?
We are proud and excited to report that last week the co chair of the health and human service committee of the Arizona Senate agreed to sponsor the Bill we proposed to make screening for Hiv and Hep c a matter of routine in every blood draw no different than your cholesterol. This is history making as no state or even country has done even anything close. All of it possible only through our platform and many voices standing together as one. Although we are having a tough time fundraising. We have never before been so certain of the power of a collective united. This precedent legislation is sure to be felt in every state and around the world. We cannot thank you enough for helping us reach more. Save more. Thank you for believing and supporting us. You’re all angels.
Thank you for your help. Thank you for your shares of our intent. Together we are making a difference.
Please don’t forget to tell your friends.
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Updated: September 20, 2017 — 12:05 am


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    1. Mine was about Robert lol!

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