Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in satsang yesterday (11th September 2017) at the Art of Living International Center

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in satsang yesterday (11th September 2017) at the Art of Living International Center, Bangalore:
Q. Gurudev, everybody has ambitions, during the mid-life you may realise that you are not moving towards it or you should relinquish it. How to handle the frustration arising out in either of these situations?
Sri Sri: You have to expand your vision and see many people have similar dreams like you and they have realised it, still are they happy?
We must disconnect our happiness from realisation of our goals. If you can do this, then nobody can disturb you and nothing can frustrate you. But if you think only after I realise this ambition then I will be happy, you know that day never comes.
So, we must see life from a broader perspective.
You know, this frustration that you experience in your life, you must learn to get out of that. Then you can keep your ambition, keep going.
Q. Gurudev, in districts and real life situation, it is observed that process of identity formation and pronouncing the differences is increasing, putting communal harmony at danger. How can the increasing intolerance in general public be controlled when people have taken extreme stands?
Sri Sri: We need more of multi-cultural, multi-religious celebrations, where people of all community come together and celebrate.
I want to give you an example, here in village next door they do Ganesha Festival Celebration, they do Devi Festival Celebration, everybody joins in, Hindus, Muslims, Christians. We must encourage this sort of mingling, number one. Second is, we have to teach people how to be free from stress. This, through yoga, pranayama, meditation.
Q. Gurudev, people around us, such as parents, children, spouse, boss, etc., can be very unreasonable sometimes, how to deal with them when they do not want to listen?
Sri Sri: Have patience. Develop patience. You know tough people around you will bring out the best out of you, you will become much more skillful. If everbody listens to you, everybody is intelligent, then your skill will remain dormant. Here is a chance for your skills to get expressed. I usually say “Tougher the Boss you have, more skillful you become!” Because you will learn how to communicate with a tough boss or unreasonable boss. Similarly when spouse is unreasonable, parents are unreasonable. It calls for patience & skills inside you to manifest.

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