Ta Phin is a copy of the Red Dao in Sa Pa, Lao Cai. Ta Phin has beautiful natural scenery, cultural rich national identity, attract tourists by the wild, rustic.
The house of the villagers, the middle room is a place of worship, guests are not allowed to sit. Home visit must follow the instructions of the owner. Mongolian custom, table top chairs for parents, even parents to go to meet forehead, guests are not allowed to sit in that sacred chair.
Dresses to visit the village do not wear white linen is not dyed, it is the color of the funeral and when the host invited drinking water, drink wine, if the client should be clever words to understand the host , do not bowl down the table, only the worshipers are allowed to do so to evict the evil.
Ta Phin village in Sapa district, about 17km east of Sapa town center
Ta Phin village in Sapa district, about 17km east of Sapa town center
The H’mong house has a large pillar buried deep in the ground, high to the roof, other columns smaller. The column is on the ground, the highest column called the column, where the ghost lives, tourists do not hang clothes, sit back against the column "soul" it. Guests need to drink alcohol, exchange, chat with the owner not just say, just pointing fingers forward. Mong people think that the behavior is to express the attitude of not content or despise talk. No one is whistling when strolling to see the scene, the villagers said that whistling sound is calling the devil about the village. There are some things that every visitor to the village on Sapa should note to have a great trip. Visitors to this place do not forget to bathe the stream mixed with many of the leaves of the Red Dao will make the skin firm, strong.
Near Ta Phin village there is a Ta Phin cave, the cave entrance is about 5m high and 3m wide with a path down to the ground. Inside the cave, visitors will see rocks like the baby is holding children, rock like the fairies, the place like giant raspberries … At the widest spot in the cave, the stalactites hanging down such as curly lace, undulating, jade glitter. In the depths we encountered a large rock lying slightly tilted, on the stone imprinted the footprints of chicken, the right tops of the stone also bore the same indentations as the horse’s foot. An opposite cliff, the French words are engraved with hard objects, up to this day, although the dust of time over us is still read. Ta Phin Cave has many mysteries to us, need to be protected and preserved.
On the highway 4D about Lao Cai city, out of Sa Pa town about 4 kilometers with a fork to the small asphalt road, one section will meet the toll station. Each person a ticket 20,000 VND. Continue to run about 18 km further to the Ta Phin.
In many sections, the hilly side of the road, the two sides are the green leafy terraces, the winding fields hugging the hills forming the soft curves, gliding like the ripples undulating in the valley . On the rocky slopes, there are green fields, corn fields. This poetic landscape helps us to forget the fear of this long "path of suffering"!
The ticket salesman at the toll station said that the ticket will be used to renovate the road into Ta Phin village, serving tourists. I do not know how many years have been earned so far, the road is only paved asphalt from a junction connecting 4D highway to a passage through the station, the remaining are the green, There are many pavements on the surface of the pits are quite deep in the rain.
About 500 feet away from the center of the Ta Phin village, a group of about 50 women with red scarves covered their hair with a thin forehead and a clean shaven face. neck and shirt. There are also belts, leggings and shoes. Red Dao is the second most populous nation after H’Mong people in Sa Pa The traditional Tet holiday of the Kinh people is also a chance for the Red Dao people to celebrate their "dance festival", a very lively festival.
The car stopped, saw the Red Dao women pointing at the people sitting in the car. At first glance, it seems like the first time they see strangers in the village. But that turned out to be the wing they "fold", choose customers to follow the brocade brocade. As in the South, when the passenger car on the dock, motorbike taxi drivers are often around the car door and shouting "he is silver hair", "he blue shirt", "black bag" … to invite guests to ride.
Commodities of Dao women offering are backpacks, travel coats, scarves, handbags, wallets and other fashionable items such as compact camera bags and purses. Mobile phones are very handy. Price is 10,000 VND / product, the highest up to 1 million, such as silver earrings, sophisticated in each touch. 
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