I am a miserable, cynical son of a bitch

Because, I am a miserable, cynical son of a bitch. These protests have been going on for over a year, and nobody gave a damn. Hardly anyone said anything. Only an occasional, half hearted comment about what a douchebag Kaepernick was, and he is a douchebag. Certainly didn’t say anything about boycotting the NFL. Nobody really cared. The the President says something at a rally, and all of a sudden a bunch of people who didn’t give a damn are all of a sudden Captain Fucking America? Its just political BS. One of my favourite online place to read about car x drift racing.

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  1. Wait till your kids start having grown up problems… then you’re like: “ wait! Fuck, I have to help this person I created get through this. Now what?”

  2. I’m still in the army, and can’t find my car.

    1. Yeah, nudity doesn’t bother me in dreams. I use it as a hunting tool…

  3. Every so often, I have a dream where I am, for various reasons not always made clear, marrying someone else. I totally panic! Sometimes, I panic because I have kids & know they are his, but am still marrying someone else. It’s sheer terror.

  4. Oh my God. YES, we really fight. YES, sometimes we are very unkind and even contemptuous. YES, we sometimes trigger the worst in each other. I hope I don’t create the impression that we’re perfect. We are not, at all.

    That said, while I’m not certain…

    1. Thank you for your answer ❤️

  5. You guys seem like a perfect match. I’d like to know more. Do you ever really fight? Is anyone ever unkind, or worse, contemptuous? Do you feel certain of your commitment til death do you part? Do you ever trigger the worst in each other? Is your marri…

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