I was asked (and accepted) to join 5 advisory boards in the past month for incredible companies

I was asked (and accepted) to join 5 advisory boards in the past month for incredible companies
All of the stuff I’ve been saying would happen with blockchain, value sharing, and crowd-based business models is happening.
I feel grateful to take the giant leap and write books, travel giving talks and workshops, and refuse to give up on my vision
The time is here to change the world. Thanks for being part of the journey. We are in this together.
More big stuff coming soon

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  1. I added Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five to my workout mix yesterday… Yesterday was a good day for all!

  2. ~ refreshing news… Congratulations !!!…

  3. What are the 5 companies? Talk some about each??

  4. Congratulations David!

  5. Congratulations!!! Keep up the great work!

  6. Sounds awesome…what are the companies?

    1. details coming soon, heads down on work for new ICO client

  7. Congratulations!

  8. I’m seeing that as well. Ground swell coming.

    1. For sure!

  9. It is happening fast !

  10. So you definitely don’t have time to advise any more

    1. That’d be awesome.

    2. Brian Hayashi I’m in Thailand, if you come here let’s meet up

    3. I love that about you. There are some amazing possibilities from using the blockchain to augment how people think about collaboration. Right now I’m in Asia trying to collect my thoughts before pinging people like you.

    4. David Passiak That’s a very important point. It’s about finding the interconnectedness in a smart and scalable way. I’m continuously evaluating projects and teams I’m part of to make sure that everything aligns and becomes an interesting and passionate learning journey.

    5. It’s all interconnected. The advising is in part a function of the insane network I’ve developed and deep understanding of the ecosystem, which is my greatest strength in marketing

  11. Hopefully all these companies do a great job engaging with their boards. So often so much is missed in the board interactions, as well as corporate documentation, itself an enormous blockchain opportunity.

  12. Listening

  13. Sukhvinder Singh Jhotti

    Happy to hear your optimistic outlook

  14. BIG things coming!

  15. Are you talking with Brittany Kaiser

  16. Yep. Me too.

    1. yep we are on this journey together 🙂

  17. Mary Juneman Minsel Oberts

    You are living in the Carpe Diem! Best wishes as you move forward!

  18. Well deserved. Congratulations!

  19. I love this

  20. I can’t wait for that!

  21. have enormous guts and belief in the possibilities ahead!

  22. Fortune cookie say: big things are in your future


  24. Hu$tlemania

  25. I feel the exact same for Serendipia.Life, tokenisation and Blockchain were the only missing piece for us to achieve our bigger vision !

  26. Lorraine Hall

    1. Very true David! I am part of a fantastic company called Lantah. Would love to introduce you.

  27. Congratulations!

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