It’s easy to share current transformation pics however it’s not always fun to share the ones where we don’t feel so great in our skins. I’m a mama to 2 girls and married to my best friend who never would’ve told me I didn’t look so hot . Yet deep down I knew I could feel better as I entered my 40s and for me, that started with feeling better in my body. Nowadays I continue to do what feels congruent and healthy …results continue to come. A lot of people think I live in the gym – nope, about 3 hours a week of strength training and I walk. The “secret” is my nutrition. I thought I ate clean and healthy in the pic on the left. Well, as you can see, I learned I wasn’t fueling my body with the right foods. Four days in to starting something new and my sleep improved and I had newfound energy!! Why would I stop?? ☺️Happy to share more, feel free to pm me!

Updated: October 30, 2017 — 10:18 pm


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  1. It’s mainly in what we put in our bodies. You look amazing!!

    1. Thank you! yesss!!

  2. zombie….tasty like a work out

  3. didn’t you post what the starbucks drink tastes like!!!

  4. John Yamashita yes! ah ha! ok gotcha now LOL

  5. You call the photo on the left bad? Not me!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your kind words…I know a lot of people tell me that…but this whole transformation thing is very subjective..and what you can’t see are the mental gymnastics going on in my head on the left. When I finally worked on my mindset and changed many behaviors, I evolved into the pic on the right.

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