OK so here is the story

OK so here is the story . . . a little long and convoluted, somewhat like the ones my mom used to tell when I would say, “ma, could you please make this long story short,” but sometimes you need a long story mixed in with how my friend Nancy Ambrosio starts one story and ends up on six others just to never get back to the beginning. I am also pretty old so to get to the beginning of this story I have to go back about 36 years. So here I am with this very buff man. About two or three months ago I pulled my neck out in yin yoga watching him and a younger football player looking type dude enter our class and do yoga. After class Alyssa and I giggled about it because I guess I was least likely to be drooling over the two football dudes doing yoga. Love to see football players do yoga, I played for ten years on the BWFFL (Brooklyn Women’s Flag Football League) in New York as a center and nose tackle and if it were not for yoga I would not have made it. Also love to see men in good shape, as evidenced by my post the other day about Chris Cuomo in his tee shirt covering the hurricane in Florida. Simultaneously during the last few weeks, I went to church with my dentist Jeanne and her family heard the sermon and swore off football due to traumatic brain injuries and opted out of a game this past Saturday with my friend Liane Wong at the U of A. What can I say old habits die hard. Football may be a struggle for me. So this morning, Tammy, who I fondly call California because she is from there, and who one might think would be calm and laid back whilst one would think I would be the fidgety one, have a role reversal in yoga and she calls me “F_ _ _ _ New Yorker,” and she has finally given up her quest to end Yin Yoga and this past week has moved to the front row in class for the first time this week. I will not comment that she ends up backwards in many of her poses (maybe she needs to face the coast from whence she arrived, but this is another matter), I will say that she and I do throw some mean planks. Of course it is yoga and we are not supposed to be competing or noticing, but it is what it is. We are all situated today and in walks Kadeem Carey (not known to me at the time to be Kadeem Carey the running back from the Chicago Bears, one of my favorite teams because of the Brian Piccolo Gayle Sayers story “Brian’s Song) but just after savasana, Tammy jumped up and it became evident to the entire class who Kadeem is. Tammy is not quiet or unanimated in the way she approached people or things. Right now Kadeem has a broken right arm that you cannot see because he is strategically posing in the pictures and I imagine this is why he is here and not in Chicago. Before long, Kadeem has me “NY” and “California” jumping up in his face after what is supposed to be a relaxing yoga class interrogating him about football, high school and every other question that we could possibly ask him, and hopefully we have not scared him away for good. This after we chased him out the Y parking lot to take pictures. Poor dude did not know what hit him. The long and the short of it is that I have a problem and it is this one, even after telling Kadeem that I was trying to boycott football because of the movie “Concussion” and because of the traumatic brain injuries and all the new findings, I do not think I can do it. Football has been very very good to me and that is the end, especially when I can be in a yoga class with handsome buff dudes moving around like ballet dancers, I do not think I can give it up. I need the NFL to make it more safe for guys like Kadeem and other young guys with families who choose to play this sport. There will be more pics to follow. We took some nice photos of a number of us after class as well. Waiting on Isabelle to do errands and for Tammy to airbrush herself and they will be here. Yoga is so much fun.

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  1. Beautiful man! <3

    1. No kidding, I craned my neck watching him do yoga a number of weeks ago and I am not interested in men but you cannot help noticing when someone is this handsome and in this shape.

  2. Look @ you two good-looking people!

    1. Thank you Lola later we will have pics of all of us from class

  3. Carol Brooklyn I agree, he is just beautiful. Beauty is genderless.

  4. No kidding, when he and his younger friend a guy that suspect he was mentoring in football (he looked like a high school student) I was taken aback by how handsome both of them are and how gracefully both of them move in yoga

  5. Carol Brooklyn Wonderful. Enjoy your yoga classes + the beauty around you 🙂

  6. Félix someday you and your husband may want to make a trip out here, Tucson is absolutely gorgeous. The mountains, the people are so nice, yoga is a life unto its own with the nicest folks and I really have so much gratitude each day for all of it

  7. Thanks Carol! You had me laughing all the way! I think you’re ready to write that book!

    1. OMG I would not know where to start is it such a compilation of short silly goofy stories.

  8. You can start with ‘The’.

  9. Carol Brooklyn I <3 the SW. I was there in the 90s but I made the mistake to go during summer and I wasn't careful enough. I ended up with sun poisoning but loved the culture, the jewelry, the pottery, textiles, carpets.... I can go crazy shopping for beautiful things in AZ!

  10. You my dear need to come here during gem show and that is from the beginning of February until Valentine’s Day, with all the jewelry you post you would have the time of your life. It is the biggest gem show in the world and people come from everywhere…

  11. Carol Brooklyn I know about that show, always wanted to go. I have a fascination for gems that goes back to my childhood. It would be a dream to see it indeed. Who knows, maybe when I get the new chair. I need a better one to travel than the one I have now. <3

  12. “If you build it they will come.” Get a new chair and you can come stay with me. I have a Honda Pilot and I have a small cargo thing that goes into the hitch that the chair could go on, and I betcha they rent something made for a chair. Due to lyme disease and my “differently abled days” I have Handicapped Plates on my car too

  13. Sorry, I skipped the story and went straight to the LOL. That’s a FINE man right there. Ok…what were you saying?

    1. Hubba Hubba, right????

  14. Carol Brooklyn That would be very nice, thank you very much for your kindness. I’m sure I would end up even selling the wheelchair to buy a frigging Opal 😉

  15. I told you the story back when it happened a few months ago when those two dudes came into my yoga class and I pulled out my neck, we were on messenger. You do not get much better than that. He actually makes Chris Cuomo look pasty, lol

  16. I’d be looking at him too!

    1. No kidding, who would not, he is so handsome and he is so sweet too. He was so nice to the two of us mauling him lol

  17. Oh Chris was looking good in that wet tee. LOLOLOL!

  18. No kidding, he looked JFK Jr gorgeous and I reserve that comment for a very few

  19. If I remember correctly and to quote you, you said, “once you go black you never go back” lol

  20. Chris has also changed. He’s more confident in his position and basically says whatever he wants in this “Trump” world.

  21. No kidding, it helps that his brother Andrew is governor and that he comes from an old New York family too, I loved their father Mario

  22. So Tee now when I tell you I saw a handsome black man you will not doubt me ever again

  23. He’s not disrespectful just direct. Truth is truth. He had me feeling him when he kept saying, Amen and my prayers are with you during the storm.

  24. Yes, but he was a little shaky in the beginning. Now he’s a grown azz man.

  25. I agree, I think is real. I think his brother is real as well and I always loved his dad. They came from old school NY Italian roots and they grew up like we did in the City with others that did not look like them

  26. Yes ma’am, you know your handsome black men.

  27. Sharon Kane Trinidad

    Well written story. You need the whole story to understand the end. Everyone enjoys looking at someone who is in good shape doesn’t matter the sex. If he was graceful he probably took dance lessons at some time to help with his moves

    1. I have no idea what he did, but he is graceful, the other guy who he had with him on other occasions I could tell he was trying to get him to like it, and the other guy was trying to get into it. We have lots of guys who take our yoga classes, most of…

  28. Tammy Branam Strickland

    You are funny Carol. In my defense, I did not know he was back in town and I thought he was the player who knew my kids in high school. I’ll be quiet as a mouse next time he joins. And if you believe that…

    1. Tammy I do not think quiet is one of your best attributes nor mine, we both have many but neither of us majors in quiet lol

  29. I loved your story! It had me laughing so hard! Ka’Deem is one of the friendliest young men I know. I don’t think you could chase him away. He loves people. He was one of Dean’s students in middle school and played, of all things, basketball for him. He played some mean round ball then. But football won out. He is a very talented running back.

    1. I worry about these football players with all we’ve learned about brain injuries

  30. Yeah! Me, too!

  31. What a small world. It always surprises me when out of the blue you run across people you’ve known in the most unlikely places. Karma.

  32. Sharon Kane Trinidad

    Bob does the hot yoga that is not for me I can’t hold half of the regular poses

  33. Not crazy about hot or power yoga

  34. Sharon Kane Trinidad

    Carol Brooklyn A lot of people aren’t but after 9/11 it felt like it was cleaning out all of the bad toxins from being at ground zero. He got used to it and now one of my daughters does it

  35. Let me know when he’s there again. I’m booking a flight right now to be prepared. OMG.My heart be still!

    1. Right, he comes into my yoga class now and then, you can tell because each time he is there, I am rubbing my neck the next day from looking across the room lol

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