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 Sa Pa (Lao Cai) is not only a popular tourist destination but also a suitable place to grow and develop rare flowers. Therefore, National Highway 4D section connecting Lao Cai and Sa Pa district in the time of the Lunar New Year is bustling with many varieties of road blooming (mainly cymbals).
Although it is more than half a month away from the Lunar New Year, the road is known as the "lantern road", with a length of only 30 km, bringing thousands of orchids to no more than 30 orchard gardens. Sa Pa down the mountain for sale during the Lunar New Year 2016.
This place is mainly like Tran Tien Spring – the endemic orchid of Sa Pa from Ta Phin commune, San Sa Lake … is the owner of the garden down to the lowlands (Coc San commune, Bat Xat district, about Sa Pa 20 km) to avoid cold and care for flowers blooming on Tet.
According to garden owner Nguyen Van Thuan, bringing flowers to the lowland in addition to stimulating the flowers blooming on the occasion of Tet is also a way for tourists and flower lovers have the opportunity to admire and choose to buy flower pots in the occasion. Tet, by 4D highway is still the main route that visitors to Sa Pa often go through.

Guests enjoy the scenery in Sa Pa
Guests enjoy the scenery in Sa Pa Trekking and Homestay Tour
Mr. Giang A Sa, Party Secretary of Ta Phin Commune (Sa Pa) – where is called "Kingdom of Sa Pa Lan" said, want to have green, good wings, thick leaves, cotton need to Mulching on the humus is taken from the forest where the climate is clean and clean. Therefore, even this year orchid growers in Ta Phin have to "migrate" flowers to lowland before two months to adjust the date of flowering right on the occasion of Tet because at this time Sa Pa is very afraid not in time to bloom.
Many visitors expressed interest in enjoying the view along the road. Mr. Ha Manh Thang (Hung Yen) commented, the orchid here is very meticulous care, the price is quite reasonable because this is the Lan Tien Xuan Xuan is known for its beauty and aroma. The price of each orchid pots from several million to over 60 million depending on the type, calculated according to cotton, the shape of the pot and the size of each pot. Small flower pot with flowers from 400,000 – 500,000 VND / cotton, beautiful pots canopy over 20 flowers with the price from 550,000 to 700,000 VND / cotton. Especially, in any establishment, there is also Tran Mong "to shack" with green petals and red (very rare) pistil for those who play the violin. The price is not less than 1,500,000 VND / branch.
Most of garden owners in Sa Pa this year are excited, because according to them, although the number of flowers in Chan Mien Lan market to market in February 2016 rose nearly 2 times compared to the previous year, but the price this year is high than. In lunar year 2015, orchids have brought nearly 5 billion VND revenue to Sa Pa district.
Besides the orchid, Sa Pa also has tens of thousands of flower pots, flowers and carpets are being care to serve the flower market Tet. But peach blossom – a kind of endemic flower of this land is not encouraged to trade. According to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hinh, Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Sa Pa district, from 2015, the province has written to recommend people not consuming branches by the risk of harm to nature.
This policy comes from the situation because of the shortage of resources, many Sa Pa people have abandoned care to dig for fruit, but moved to cut branches, dig original for sale. In previous years, many old digging branches from 30-50 years old in Hau Thao, Moi Tienh communes … were bought at the same price as a sow (from 10 to 20 million VND). The dugout forest gradually diminishes the ancient peach trees – a beautiful beauty of the high mountains of Sa Pa.
Sa Pa is the most beautiful peach flowers blossoming every spring, Sa Pa people proud because this place was dubbed the "kingdom of peach" of Vietnam. Along with keeping the great forest dens that grow for hundreds of years on Hoang Lien Mountain, Sa Pa District always encourages families to plant a variety of temperate fruit trees; including peach trees. Many families in Sa Pa town, especially the foot of O Quy Ho Pass, still keep the peach trees 30-40 years old with beautiful designs and flowers.
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