the connection between sugar and how it feeds cancer cell growth is now in mainstream media

I’m so glad that the connection between sugar and how it feeds/fuels cancer cell growth is now in mainstream media. Mainstream media is slowly catching up to what cancer healing protocols like Max Gerson knew and successfully implemented in healing cancer naturally in the 1930’s! About time don’t you think? 😉
Now if only they would take sugary drinks, sweet treats and candy out of oncology and chemotherapy centers?!? Take a look here to read more. 

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  1. Kimberly Pepper Pepe

    but…but..oh crap fine

  2. It’s beyond shocking to me they still serve sugary breakfast cereals and desserts to cancer patients in UK NHS hospitals!

    1. Oncology is about making money. Sometimes the patient lives.

    2. That is horrible Jason Brookes and hard to believe!

  3. I always told my patients to dilute their sweet fruit juices with a lot of water. You drink because you are thirsty. Drink more water.

  4. finally, right?

  5. If your diet is working for you snacks are not needed unless your exertion is unusual. Snacks are usually processed food and have other harmful ingredients. Fruit, nuts and veggies are not usually in vending machines and when found there are hardly ever organic or fresh.

  6. sugar is not your friend, yes take those sources out of the comprehensive centers and replace with health snacks and no commercial sugar drinks

    1. Yes true that Neil McManus!

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